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lostnthewild asked: Hi there! Just wanted to say I love your blog and wanted to ask, how did you find shopping while in Korea/living there as a foreigner? I am from New Zealand and have graduated University recently and am wanting to travel to Seoul and would love to hear more about your experiences :) thanks! x

Hello! Thank you very much for your message. I am very happy that you like the blog and that you reached out.

 Shopping in Korea is amazing! There are so many different areas where you can go shopping in Seoul. You can literally find anything you want. What I like about Seoul is that regardless what you taste in clothes is you will be able to find what you like. Also the clothes are very cheap, at least compared to Europe and the US.

 There are several areas for shopping in Seoul. I thought I would use this post to talk about some of my favorite shopping areas.


Hongdae is probably my favorite area of Seoul. Not only because it is the best place to get cheap food and to party, but also because it is the shopping paradise. Once you go out from exit 8 of the honking university metro stop you are surrounded by laud music, street food stands, young people and lot and lots of shops. Hongdae is also a really cool place to buy vintage clothes. There are a bunch of vintage stores that I really like. Since the streets of Seoul don’t really have names it is very difficult to explain in what location you can find all of the stores. You just need to walk around and explore.

If you go to Hongdae don’t miss the:

Style Nanda Flagship Store, Aland and Aland after Aland. (It is the Aland outlet)


Myeong-dong is crazy big. Here is where you can find all of the popular label stores. American Apparel, H&M, Forever 21, Zara and many others… I also really like Myeong-dong, not for the shops but for the experience of shopping there. It is crazy big and there are thousands of people!! There is also the Young Galleria Lotte Plaza which I really like, they have lots of cool designer clothes and a Style Nanda strand.


If you go to Sinsa-dong you will be shocked by how many stylish Korean people you see walking around. A lot of the street style photographers get their best shoots in Sinsa-dong area. I personally like Hongdae more because I feel people are more free and artistic. But Sinsa-dong is more of a high fashion kind of Steet Style, if you know what I mean. I really like the 8seconds store, and some of the other small shops. Unfortunately I did not frequent this area as much, so I cannot really give much advice.


This area very much reminds me of Hongdae, but the clothes are cheaper here!! So if you check Hongdae out and you like it, go to Ewha’s women university area and you will find the same style of clothing but a bit cheaper!


The COEX mall located in Gangnam is simply amazing, I really recommend anyone to go there. I have never seen such a big mall in my life! It even has an aquarium inside!

and last but not least:


This is the best vintage market I have ever been in my life, I absoluly recommend anyone to go there. Even if you don’t like vintage shopping. It is just amazing. The clothes are in very good care and it is just simply great!! I loved it and found it to be incredibly cheap.

Some tips before shopping:

  1. Take into account that Korean girls tend to be skinnier than westeners, so the sizing is different! I always had to buy stuff a couple of size larger.
  2. The shoe sizing is also different. Sometimes I had trouble finding my size because it was bigger than the Korean standards, but don’t give up! You will find them. You just need to try a lot of shoes.
  3. Some of the stores in Hongdae will not allow you to try the clothes on, so be careful when you go shopping and try to talk to the workers at the store to convince them to let you try it on! They will end up letting you.
  4. Don’t forget to check out all of the cosmetic shops, they are simply amazing

I hope this guide to Seoul shopping helps you and other followers. Let me know if I can be of more help!! For the rest of you, I encourage you to sent me messages with questions, suggestions or things you would like to see more in the blog!

Best wishes,


Irene Kim is one of the most famous Korean Models, not only in Korea but around the world. I love following her on instagram, she always post really funny pictures and crazy ourfitts. I love how she mixes and match different prints, patterns, colors, changes her hair…Her style is constantly evolving but she always stays true to herself. She has a very unique sense of style that makes her who she is.

For me that is what fashion is about, expressing yourself through the way you dress, without beeing scared of what others might think. Each individual has their personal style, so why be scared of showing yours?

Her are some of my favorite pictures she posted.

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Loving this look. When it comes to dressing up stay simple!


Loving this look. When it comes to dressing up stay simple!

(Source: iamalexfinch)

The t-shirt she is wearing is from the Forever 21 art collection.

The t-shirt she is wearing is from the Forever 21 art collection.